Sunday, May 9, 2010

More of the feast!

Well, I worked on that dinner for quite some time that day, and even needed Brett's help, because I bit off more than I could chew. For dinner we had chicken enchiladas, taquitos, mexican spoon bread, and dirty rice. I have since found out that dirty rice is cajun, but it was oh so good! Brett made that dish and did it justice (thanks Paula Deen for the recipe!). The kids didn't even know they were eating chicken livers! Ha!!! I will definitely make it again. The enchiladas were delicious! However, maybe I should have read the recipe a little better because I didn't realize until I started that the recipe was for 2 - 9x13 dishes!!! Huh, oh well, it made a ton and that was actually a good thing because we ate it the next day too! Kurt hated it but at least he tried it. It did look pretty in my cobalt 9x13 dish.

The Mexican spoon bread was delicious, at least according to Mitch, Brett and myself. Kurt and Kelsey hated the fact that it had corn and chili peppers in it. I thought it added to the overall yumminess. And let me say that my cobalt casserole dish was the perfect dish to serve it in. It will be on the menu again at some point in time.

The kids and Brett thought that I had made this dinner because I wanted to create something festive in my fiestaware............I don't know. Maybe it was perfect timing all the way around. I did enjoy trying something new. I have my fingers crossed that I keep next weekend off, because I am on the hunt for something fun to make. What will it be this time??? I don't know. I just need to make sure whatever it is it looks great in my fiestaware.

By the way, the lime soda recipe was from Sunny Anderson on the Food Network.

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