Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, I feel this is a safe place to post this considering no one has been here for awhile except for me. I am turning a new page soon and starting back to college. I am terrified. I really want to do well, yet, I find myself procrastinating in looking over the books I have acquired. I am really scared that I will not do well this summer. I am taking Intermediate Algebra and Introduction to Chemistry. SCARY!! I think I am even more psyched out by the fact that my advisor was worried how I would handle taking Chem when I haven't had biology.

I just noticed that I hadn't said what I am going for. Nursing. I am hoping to get into the program and finish before Brett has to retire.

What's even more shocking is that Kurt is starting college this fall. He will be in Idaho. That will be hard to realize that isn't home anymore. The only thing making it a little easier is the fact that his senior year has been so busy that he isn't home a lot. I am worried about the choices he may make, but I hope that we have raised him to choose wisely.

I still have to finish cleaning this house. Yuck. I am slowly getting the kitchen in order. I absolutely love the Fiestaware. It still makes me happy to use it and just look at it.

This Saturday I have my fingers crossed that I keep the day off. We are planning to go to Lewistown to check out the antique store and hang out. It should be a fun day. I am going to make us some bentos and sandwich fixings. I am planning on taking my Chemistry for Dummies (that's me!) book and hopefully read a bit.

On to good news, I am trying lots of new recipes lately. If you know me then you know that I looooveee cookbooks. I love to look through them and find new recipes, however I don't always try them because I hate it when no one here dislikes the recipe. Well, let me tell you that I am done feeling like that. I have decided that if I want to try something, I am going to try it. I have found some great crock pot recipes from not only my HUGE crock pot recipe book, but also from my Taste of Home cookbook. Let me tell you about some of the greatness. A few of my past posts have shown the Mexican feast that I made, with a little help, earlier this month. OK, let me talk about the foods.

Yesterday I made a very simple dish that was pretty good. It was a cheesy meatball casserole.

The night before I decided to make a Pioneer Woman cooks recipe: Cinnamon rolls. They are incredible. The recipe makes a ton of rolls. I have only made half the batch so far. The rest is still in the fridge. Anyway when I say it makes a lot, that's is no joke. I bought some round aluminum pans at the dollar store to make them in and half of this recipe used 3 of those pans. Wow! So, I haven't decided when I am going to make the rest of the batch, but when I do, watch out! Yummy!

Today I am making BBQ chicken in the crock pot. It smells so yummy. I am also going to make scalloped potatoes for the first time today. Wish me luck.

Next time I don't have daycare kids for dinner I am planning on making some more of the Pioneer Woman's scrumptious recipes.

Ah, I better go. Be back soon hopefully to talk. :)

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