Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's lunchtime!

Can you believe that I have started making lunches for my guys again?? I worked so hard to get them all to be independent and now I'm doing it for them. I must really love them, huh? Well, I know that they are all happy with what I am sending them off with in the mornings. Maybe it's because they aren't having to make them, or maybe they are enjoying a little healthier food. Whatever the cause it's a lot of fun.
I have been researching "bento" lunches, and while I am not making anyone here a traditional Japanese lunch I can make their lunches slightly decorative and put in some yummy foods for them.
I bought several different types of containers for them to carry their new lunches in. My favorite was one I found on the bay that is just like a lunchbox I took to school in 5th or 6th grade! I loved that lunchbox, and my mom told me last week that someone stole it and that's why we don't still have it! Can you believe that? I hope that person enjoyed taking their lunch in my lunchbox! Anyway, it's made by Tupperware and I couldn't resist. Mine from years ago was red, but this one is brown. I asked Mitch if he wanted to use it, and at first he said no. So, I didn't push the issue. Well, he found out what types of foods I had been putting in the other guys lunches and decided that he wanted one too. I have a feeling that he thought I was making a traditional bento for the other guys and he didn't want any of the rice and Japanese foods. He did let me know that one of his friends thought his lunchbox was "ghetto", but he told him that his lunchbox was awesome!
I did find out from Kurt that some of his friends think it's pretty cool that I'm making his lunch. The pictures show some of what I have been putting in their lunches. I know that Mitch's favorite part is the cheese!!
I don't think I actually got a picture yet of one of Brett's bentos, but these pictures are Mitch's on top, and two different bentos that Kurt has taken on different days. The two bottom containers have a removable ice pack that helps to keep all foods cold.
Top lunch: pudding, caprisun, smucker uncrustable, assorted cookies, cheese, apples, oranges, cantaloupe
Middle lunch: apples, oranges, cantaloupe, summer sausage, cheese, crackers, dove chocolates
Bottom lunch: cantaloupe, black grapes, oranges, apples, crackers, cheese, summer sausage.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day cards

For the Mother's Day cards I made this year I chose to use some Sugar Nellie stamps. They are sooo adorable. I just love to color using my Copic markers. The colors are so vibrant and blend so nicely. I was so happy when my mom received her card and told me an interesting tidbit. See, years ago when I was a little girl my mom had painted a picture of this little blond-haired girl. I just recently received this picture from my mom and dad when Brett came home from visiting in Michigan in March. The box had all sorts of paraphernalia from my senior year in high school and earlier. Well, my mom was so excited to tell me that the little girl I colored reminded her of the little girl she painted and she felt it was the perfect touch to her mother's day card. So, I know what stamps will mean the most to my mom! Anyway, I wanted to share my mom's painting and my card.

Why won't they play with me??

I caught several pictures this day of the dogs trying to get along. Bug and Gnat tolerate Apple if she is laying down somewhere, but once she starts jumping around they get upset. I don't get it, who could resist that sweet, sad face, right? Well, she does get crazy at times, but I'm wondering does Apple deserve that snarling chihuahua in her face? Maybe, maybe not. You'd have to be here to witness how Apple doesn't stop until she's done or I put the puppy girls away in Kurt's room to get away from her.

Skittles taste the rainbow

Well, it's time again for Kurt's ever changing band colors on his braces. He went in on the 12th of May and had no idea what colors he wanted this time. So, he let Stephanie the hygienist choose for him and I love what she did! Very cool job of making his teeth colorful. I told him he needs to start thinking of what the next colors are going to be when he goes in at the end of June, because those colors will be in his senior pictures.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I know I'm posting this late, but better late than never, right?? This past Easter we had little Nathalia over because mom was working. So, I had Nati and Mitch color our Easter eggs. I had them all set up in the living room working on individual trays and they each colored half a dozen eggs. On Easter morning I turned Mitch's eggs into devilled eggs, yummy! Even Nati tried some of an egg!! You can tell that they each have their own style on coloring eggs. Mitch tends to be more of a Nirvana fan of egg coloring, hence the "x" eyes and "u" squiggled mouth. Nati's are more colorful. I'd say that they all turned out fantastic!

Then Nati and I tried out hand at making some cake balls. Yummy! If you haven't tried them you need to check out Bakerella's blog and try to make some. Incredible! Even though ours are no where near as fancy as her's, they tasted great!

I also wanted to show that we all got Easter baskets, can you believe that peeking out of Brett's basket there were items for Apple?? This dog is more spoiled than mine are!

Ok, I had to share my deal that I got at Albertson's this week! I love a good deal, and this week was awesome because soooo many great coupons came out online. I hope everyone was able to get some of the super Kraft coupons that hit the sites. I don't know if you can see everything in the picture, so I'll just list it all off:
1-gallon milk-(free because I received a catalina last week by buying four boxes of specific cereal)
16 easy mac cups
10 bottles of BBQ sauce
6 bottles of mayo
4 bottles of salad dressing
4 boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese dinners
1 box of Planters Big Nut bars
5 boxes of Bagelfuls
1 pack of Juicyfruit slims-free
This entire haul cost me $10.63 and I got another catalina good for $3 off my next purchase!!
Let me tell you the boys were tickled with the bagelfuls and the bbq sauce! I should be set on sauce for awhile because I bought some last week too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Free lunch at KFC

I came across an awesome coupon last week for a free KFC meal made possible thanks to Oprah. The coupon was for the new grilled chicken. Let me tell you the chicken was yummy(and I paid for it later)! With our coupon we received two pieces of grilled chicken, a biscuit, and two sides. We added a couple drinks and had a delicious together.