Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ok, I had to share my deal that I got at Albertson's this week! I love a good deal, and this week was awesome because soooo many great coupons came out online. I hope everyone was able to get some of the super Kraft coupons that hit the sites. I don't know if you can see everything in the picture, so I'll just list it all off:
1-gallon milk-(free because I received a catalina last week by buying four boxes of specific cereal)
16 easy mac cups
10 bottles of BBQ sauce
6 bottles of mayo
4 bottles of salad dressing
4 boxes of Velveeta shells and cheese dinners
1 box of Planters Big Nut bars
5 boxes of Bagelfuls
1 pack of Juicyfruit slims-free
This entire haul cost me $10.63 and I got another catalina good for $3 off my next purchase!!
Let me tell you the boys were tickled with the bagelfuls and the bbq sauce! I should be set on sauce for awhile because I bought some last week too.

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