Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day cards

For the Mother's Day cards I made this year I chose to use some Sugar Nellie stamps. They are sooo adorable. I just love to color using my Copic markers. The colors are so vibrant and blend so nicely. I was so happy when my mom received her card and told me an interesting tidbit. See, years ago when I was a little girl my mom had painted a picture of this little blond-haired girl. I just recently received this picture from my mom and dad when Brett came home from visiting in Michigan in March. The box had all sorts of paraphernalia from my senior year in high school and earlier. Well, my mom was so excited to tell me that the little girl I colored reminded her of the little girl she painted and she felt it was the perfect touch to her mother's day card. So, I know what stamps will mean the most to my mom! Anyway, I wanted to share my mom's painting and my card.


Libby Hickson said...

Love your card, and what a sweet story - wow your mom is really talented too, it clearly runs in the family!!

Henry said...

I love 'em There Beautiful!