Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catching up

Well, it's been forever since I've done this. My work schedule is just now beginning to get a little easier after going strong all winter. I know that I should have posted lots of pictures on here by now. Maybe I can make some of that up now!

First things first, did you know Kurt was a crafter? Neither did I, but when it comes to his girlfriend, he becomes a master crafter. I mean, really, he goes to Tim Holtz's blog to get ideas!! I think I will post some of his creations. He made his girlfriend quite the altered paint can in September for her birthday. I was impressed (read: jealous!) and proud! Can you tell from the pictures that she loves purple?? And the card? Yes, he made that too using a stampinbella stamp. See all that purple? Good thing I had plenty of Stampin' Up paper, huh? He did an awesome job and I know she was impressed!

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