Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wow! It's been forever!

I can't believe I didn't post all summer! Well, it's been quite the summer. I feel like I only had a week where I wasn't working this summer. Wait, I did only have one week off. And that was right after I posted about Apple. To put it in perspective, in June I worked about 150 hours, then in July I did about 350 hours. The big finale was August where I worked 772 hours. I only had one day off for the entire month of August! My last day off was August 26, and I'm patiently waiting for my next day off, September 6.

Can you believe that on September 7, Brett and I will have been married for 18 years. As of September 6, we will have been together for 22 years. Hard to believe. So looking forward to going off for the night the following weekend for some alone time together. We're hoping to go to Fort Benton.

I so wish I had something new to share craft-wise, but because I have had such a busy summer working there is nothing new. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the Stampin' Up! order I am going to place next week! Happy Anniversary to me! Brett got his anniversary gift ages ago: Apple. Lucky Brett! Ha!

I have been working on my food stockpile (Marcy- you will appreciate that!). I have been adding to my cereal stockpile. We only had about 25 boxes, so I was glad that the sales hit! I know in the past week I got more than 20 boxes. I forgot to take a picture but I'll explain my latest Smith's trip.

2 cantaloupes: each nearly 4 pounds, 0.25 per pound (1.81)
7 navel oranges: $1.09 per pound (4.57)
loaf of french bread: $1.00
10 boxes Betty Crocker Fruit chews: $1 a box after coupons and store promotions
10 boxes Hamburger Helper
10 boxes cereal (6 boxes Fruity Cheerios, 4 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch)
20 bottles Sobe Life Water

Total: 36.55!!

The manager checked me out and he had to take a double take on my total! Loved it!

Ok, hopefully I get to post again soon, because I took some great pics this summer that are still on my camera!

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