Saturday, June 13, 2009

That darn dog!

Hmmmm, you may be wondering what all these pictures have in common?? Well, that adorable beast of a dog, Apple, gets into many, many things. A few days ago while the boys and I were out doing our errands, we left Apple out in the house. We do this a lot, and just close the kitchen gates. Normally, she finds something in the living room to occupy her time, such as daycare toys, magazines, or Kleenex. On this particular day, we left her for a little while and when the boys and I walked into the house we found her in the kitchen! So, we figured she now could get over the smaller gate. Great. Then I looked at what she was doing. She was eating the trail mix. She had ripped open the brand new package and was eating away. I was pretty worried because of the raisins in the mix. So, I grabbed the rest of the bag from her and shooed her outside while I called Brett. After talking to Brett, I called our vet to find out what we needed to do about this situation. The vet tech called me back and told me to have her drink hydrogen peroxide until she vomited everything in her stomach. We were lucky she said because she hadn't had time to digest anything yet. So, off to the backyard I went and forced that dog to swallow the vile liquid. She did what she was supposed to do and doesn't seem to be any worse for the whole episode. I also realized that she had eaten many, many crayons while we were gone too. So, I have to say that she is worse than a baby, but maybe only because we leave her alone at times and I would never do that with a baby. Anyway, now we moved the daycare shelves in front of the smaller gate, and I am thinking of buying a second gate to put on top of the gate in the front doorway. Do you think she'll get any better? I'd say not, because yesterday I left out a brand new book (again) on the couch and came home to several pages ripped out. Ugh, she's lucky she's so cute............

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