Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More from Kurt

Well, not to be outdone with his birthday gift to his girlfriend, Kurt also made her Christmas gifts. Need I say that my own birthday is the day after Christmas and I don't remember receiving a handmade card, hmmmm, maybe it got lost. Anyway, he was busy making her gifts and they turned out so cute! Lots of purple again! He chose to make her several altered notebooks and got her the first two seasons of the "Flying Conchords" in a great box set from Amazon. I really don't get that show, am I that old?? Yes, I am that old............sigh...........oh well. I will just crawl under the covers and watch something great like "The Breakfast Club", and I will have you know that I bought both of them their own copies to take to college! Ha! Plus this way they can't take my copy! Can't have any anarchy going on here, can we?

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