Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playin' around

Ok, so I tried to get some posed shots at home and some candid. Some of the shots ended up having extra elements in them. I was trying to get a shot of Kurt texting on his phone and it seemed like every time I went to shoot I get extra items pointed directly at Kurt's head. *sigh* little brothers. Yes, that is a sword being pointed at Kurt. Then I wanted to play with my remote and that was fun. Of course, I always seem to want to go in and change things about my photos or crop them. One picture I softened the entire picture. I kind of like the effect. And, well, it wouldn't be me if I didn't turn something antique or black and white. Hopefully, I will get some more time to play with the tripod and remote soon.


~Chara~ said...

WOW!!! You hair is REALLLY long!!!! Great pics!

Jenn W. said...

Love the pics Tina!!!