Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Well, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making a special Valentine's Day basket for my guys. Maybe I wouldn't have had to stay up until 2:30 in the morning if I hadn't decided to wait until February 13th to start this project. I bought some heart shaped baskets, plastic champagne flutes, heart napkins, and heart tissue paper at the Dollar Tree. Then I went to Great Harvest and bought cookies and savannah bars to put in each basket. Yummy!! So, last night I started making some tags for all the baskets. I made 4 tags for each basket and on the back of each tag is a coupon for some fun little treats! I'm shocked that none of my guys wondered what I was up to, because I kept showing them tags as I finished them! Sneaky me!! Are you wondering what the coupons are good for?? Well, let me tell you. My favorite tag is the same stamp that I used for Brett's card the other day. I love the technique, probably because it's one that Tim Holtz showcased for his Christmas tags. The coupon reads, "This card entitles the bearer to get a chome made dinner of choice with at least two day notice". Fun huh?? Tag number 2 is the masked music staff and states "This card entitles the bearer to choose one Netflix movie to be placed at the top of the queue". We love our Netflix here! On to tag number 3. This tag was stamped with the SU! set Define your life. Then I had to use one of my favorite techniques: cracked glass! I love to do that!!! Ok, the tag says "This card entitles the bearer to a book of choice with a maximum value of $12.00". Let me tell you that Kurt's eyes lit up with that one!! Finally, that brings us to the fourth tag. I again used a SU! set and love how this tag turned out! The one states "This card entitles the bearer to receive control of the living room TV for a non-daycare night". This one was made with Mitch in mind and he loved it!! When I was making the tags I decided to not put names on them because I wanted everyone to be able to trade for what the wanted. Let me tell you, the boys wasted no time. Kurt and Mitch traded so that Kurt gets an extra book and Mitch gets more TV control. No surprise there. I told them that I think on my TV control day I am going to shut it off! It turned out that Brett and I traded a tag too! He wanted the dinner choice (good decision for him to be in charge of what's made!) and I took the TV control! More quiet nights! I'm just glad that my guys were so thrilled to wake up and find the baskets with the special touches I added. And my shortbread cookies from Great Harvest? Wonderful!

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~Chara~ said...

You did a great job!!!!!!