Saturday, February 7, 2009

I got Mail!!!

Well, I was tickled to get this great package of goodies from Chara! Lots of stamps, primas, and a great new Scentsy warmer (that now is in my living room where it fits perfectly!) and some new scents for the warmer. By the way, I love the Vanilla Walnut scent! I really wanted to show how wonderful the post office was to my "insured" package. Wow! As my husband said I must have had Ace Ventura taking care of my package! Can you believe that they couldn't even tape up the box where they must have ripped it open? I can't even believe that they are allowed to charge so much for shipping. I have to tell you I was not pleased to know that the prices went up in January and I didn't even know they were doing it until I went in one day. Gosh, to mail a card with a brad now costs 62 cents! Can't wait to see if the prices go up again in May. Anyways, sending a HUGE "Thanks" to Chara for the awesome goodies! Now, I need to use those stamps and do some posting, huh??

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