Thursday, December 26, 2013

Another year..........

Well, Christmas is over again for another year.  Everyone is happy and I was pleased that I found enough time to do my own version of 12 days of Christmas again this year.  I think the person that had the most fun with the 12 days was my son's girlfriend who got to go shopping in my fabric stash in the basement.  I had forgotten how many truly beautiful fabrics I have down there.  I would love to begin sewing/quilting again, but until I clean up my scrap space that is not going to happen.  Anyway, my version of the 12 days of Christmas is that on day 1, you get one of something or that something has to do with the number 1, day 2 you would get two of something or a pair of something or something that has to do with the number 2, and so on up to day 12.  It's a lot of fun for all.  I love to see their faces as they giggle over what they received.  For example, day one for my boys was "one" gift card, while my husband gets a dinner date with me. (See how I got something out of that deal?? :))  Well, I think they all loved day seven, which was the same as last year: a pill organizer from the dollar store, each day has a quote picked out especially for that person and a piece of candy.  So, that totals "7".  Some days are harder to come up with than others, but it is worth it.  I did this last year and they all enjoyed it, and this was the second year.  Next year I want to try to start earlier gathering my 12 days goodies.

I think that this weekend will be time to take down the Christmas trees.  We put up two small tabletop trees this year because of the puppy.  The goal is also to do everyone's day 3, which is a meal of their choice consisting of: appetizer, entrée, and dessert. 

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